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ECO4 boiler and insulation grant applications are now open. It only takes 2 minutes to find out if you qualify for an ECO grant to improve your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your energy bills.

How it works

Homeowners can now get 100% FREE funding for replacing inefficient heating systems and instaling modern eco improvements thanks to the UK government’s Energy Company Obligation ECO4 scheme, if they meet the criteria.

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We qualify your funding potential

We run our proprietary ECO4 assessement of your home and provide you with your results.

We match you with suppliers

We will match you with one of our 1,200 Trademark certified installers to discuss next steps.

By 2030 it'll be mandated that all homes need to be at least an EPC grade C or above.

ECO4 funding is avaialble across a number of ECO products.

Loft insulation

A loft insulation grant can save significant amounts of money on your fuel bills because it improves the thermal efficiency of your home. 25% of heat is lost through the roof, meaning improved insulation can reduce this amount significantly.

Cavity wall insulation

A Cavity wall insulation grant is one of the easiest and most cost-effective forms of insulation to install in the home. It increases the energy efficiency of your home, reduces heat loss and your carbon footprint, and can make the home cheaper to heat.

New Boiler grant

A modern boiler grant is an effective way to reduce energy bills. A condensing boiler recovers more heat from the exhaust flue gas and uses it to heat the central heating water, making it more efficient than older boilers.

Air source or ground source heating

Air source and ground source heat pumps are a modern way to move away from fossil fuel heating whilst providing cleaner energy that's better for the environment. We will qualify your home against this measure.


External or internal wall insulation grants will help to keep heating costs low because your boiler won't need as much energy to warm your home. Adding effective insulation means you'll not only be spending less on heating bills but also reducing your carbon footprint.

Solar PV

Some homes will qualify for solar panels. The main way in which solar panels help to save energy is because they remove a household's dependence on the National Grid, reducing energy consumption and saving money.

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